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Indulge in Autumn's Bounty with Nourish & Nosh's New Menu

Indulge in Autumn's Bounty with Nourish & Nosh's New Menu

As the golden leaves begin to fall, it's time to introduce the flavors of autumn into your meals. Nourish & Nosh's brand-new Autumn Menu doesn't just capture the season's essence; it serves it directly to your table with our food delivery in Lisbon.

Each day of the week, we offer a meticulously crafted four-course meal consisting of a vegan and gluten-free starter, main, and dessert, as well as a flexitarian main course. So, whether you're swooning over our Vegan and Gluten-Free Celeriac and Pear Soup or treating yourself to our Flexitarian Cuttlefish Tomato Masala, we've got something for everyone.

What truly sets us apart is our commitment to healthy food in Lisbon with an organic and flexitarian food focus. Take, for instance, our Vegan and Gluten-Free Spelt Pumpkin Risotto, enriched with crunchy broccoli and smoked hazelnuts—it's comfort in a bowl! Or opt for our Flexitarian Mici, a delightful grilled kebab accompanied by sour cream cucumber dip and sourdough bread. These are just a couple of the daily-changing offerings you'll find in our Nourish Programs, tailored to meet your vegan, gluten-free, and flexitarian dietary needs.

autumn menu food delivery lisbon

Why spend hours in the kitchen when you can have a gourmet autumn feast delivered right to your doorstep? With Nourish & Nosh's Lisbon food delivery, getting a healthy, delicious meal has never been easier. Choose from our expansive A la Carte shop or dive deeper into our seasonal offerings with a subscription to our Nourish Programs.

As the nights draw in and the air turns crisp, let Nourish & Nosh bring the cozy and comforting flavors of autumn to your home. Ready to transform your dining experience this season? Head over to our A la Carte shop or explore our Nourish Programs today.

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