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Chef Alex Lange

Dedicate yourself to the artistry of Love & Cooking

Since my early childhood, the kitchen has always been my sanctuary, where I stood beside my grandmother, mesmerized by her culinary magic and eagerly playing the role of her little helper. Those moments, filled with the vibrant flavors of fresh fruits and vegetables from our garden, instilled in me a profound appreciation for authentic ingredients that exuded nature's intended essence.

It unlocked a drive in me to unravel the secrets of the kitchen, fueling my passion and wanderlust of the world of gastronomy.

You can cook anywhere there is fire

Alexander Lange
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A culinary journey

Having completed my apprenticeship as a restaurant specialist at Intercontinental Berlin's renowned Hugo's (One Michelin star), I was granted a remarkable opportunity to undertake a culinary training in the innovative kitchen of Berlin's esteemed wine bar, Rutz (Three Michelin stars).

My culinary journey continued with enriching experiences at Berlin's Hyatt-Restaurant Vox, under the guidance of the esteemed Felix Petrucco, and at Dos Palillos, guided by the talented Bernhard Munding, where my affection for Asian cuisine deepened.

Michelin Starred Experienced Chef

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Possibilities of plant-based cooking

Driven by an insatiable desire to broaden my horizons, I ventured across the globe to Asia, Switzerland, and France, immersing myself in diverse culinary traditions while gaining invaluable international experience.

Returning to Berlin, I witnessed the rising trend of vegan cuisine, which ignited a new curiosity within me. It wasn't long before I found myself in the kitchen of Kopp's beloved vegan restaurant, exploring the boundless possibilities of plant-based cooking. Later, I had the privilege of refining my expertise at Vienna's renowned "Das Loft," a Michelin-starred culinary haven, working under the expert guidance of Fabian Günzel.

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catering lisbon
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Commitment to a balanced & fulfilling lifestyle

Today, in Portugal, I find myself at the intersection of passion and purpose, crafting dishes that not only dazzle the palate but also reflect my unwavering commitment to a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. Drawing inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes, the warmth of the people, and the vibrant tapestry of flavors, I create culinary experiences that celebrate the inherent beauty of simplicity and the artistry of gastronomy.

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