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Nourish & Nosh Halloween Quiche


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This Week's Culinary Highlight: Halloween Quiche

Step into the spirited allure of Halloween with our Pumpkin, Leek, and Sheep Cheese Quiche, a bewitching blend crafted to mesmerize your senses. Bask in the sweet and earthy essence of pumpkin, harmoniously juxtaposed with the soft, oniony hints of leek, and crowned with the rich, creamy notes of sheep cheese. The mystical touch? A side of hauntingly delightful charcoal mayo that adds an unexpected depth to this festive dish.

Perfectly complementing a crisp autumn salad or a soul-soothing soup, this quiche is a tribute to the magic of the season, beckoning you to relish every bewitched bite.

Note: Sold as a whole, it's perfect for sharing, gifting, or personal indulgence! Size: 20 cm diameter.

Welcome to a slice of the weekend where nourishment meets indulgence: The Nourish & Nosh Weekend Quiche. Delivered to your doorstep every Friday, this handcrafted delight embodies our love for fresh, seasonal flavors, ensuring a unique culinary journey each week.

As seasons change, so does our quiche, but the promise remains: a rich, wholesome dish that caters to vegetarians and flexitarians - simply check the product icon each week to see what's on the menu! While it's not vegan, it's brimming with nature's best.

Order between Monday and Thursday, and let the Nourish & Nosh Weekend Quiche be your passport to a stress-free, flavor-packed weekend. Dive in, relish, and remember: weekends are for savoring, and with our quiche, you're set to do just that.

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