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Empowering Wellness: Tools and Insights from Our Latest Retreat

Empowering Wellness: Tools and Insights from Our Latest Retreat

Last weekend, Nourish & Nosh co-hosted a transformative Yoga & Ayurveda retreat designed not just to pause and relax but to equip our attendees with lasting tools for daily wellness. Led by our dedicated team, Katalin, Tash, and Chef Alex, each session was crafted with deep intention to integrate easily into busy lifestyles, providing a "toolkit" for anytime life feels overwhelming.

Katalin's Yoga & Mindfulness Sessions

Katalin, our yoga teacher, focused on practices that attendees could take home and weave into their daily routines. She crafted a special 90-minute yoga class, broken down into four shorter segments to fit any schedule, ensuring "I have no time" is no longer a barrier. This class, recorded for attendees, allows for continued practice at home. Additionally, Katalin introduced mandala drawing to encourage a flow state, anchoring participants in the present and silent walking meditations to reconnect with nature. The morning 'Tea Cup Meditation'—accompanied by specially inscribed cups reading "Sip. Breathe. Be."—was designed to start each day mindfully, encouraging moments of peace over morning tea or coffee without digital distractions.

Tash's Ayurvedic Wisdom in the Kitchen

Tash, our Ayurveda coach, co-led the cooking workshop with Chef Alex, bringing insights into how food affects our bodies and spirits. Her approach, summed up in her quote, "Ayurveda teaches us that we are not what we eat, but what we digest," resonated deeply during the sessions. The workshop emphasized understanding the qualities of food and their impact on our constitution, empowering participants to make mindful choices that harmonize with their body’s needs through different seasons.

Chef Alex's Culinary Philosophy

Chef Alex highlighted the social and grounding aspects of cooking. He shared his expertise in various cooking techniques, emphasizing the importance of freshly prepared, organic meals. For Alex, cooking is more than nourishment; it's a ritual that fosters connection and grounds us in the moment. Attendees not only learned hands-on but also received the recipes to take home, enabling them to recreate and share the delicious dishes with family and friends.

Photography and Digital Detox

We are immensely grateful to our friend Chelsea, who was instrumental in capturing the essence of the retreat through her photography. Thanks to her, participants could fully immerse themselves in our digital detox weekend without the distraction of their phones. Chelsea's presence allowed everyone to stay present and connected to the experience, ensuring that all the special moments were beautifully preserved.

The Venue

The retreat was hosted at the stunning Casa do Páteo in Meco, a location that truly complements our ethos of tranquility and connection with nature. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Mafalda, whose warm hospitality made Casa do Páteo feel like a home away from home. Her dedication to creating a welcoming and serene environment contributed significantly to the success and magic of the retreat.


Our retreat aimed to provide more than just a break—it was a comprehensive experience that equipped each participant with practical skills and deeper insights into wellness practices. The tools shared are designed to help maintain calm, focus, and health in everyday life, proving that taking time for oneself is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Next Steps

Our next retreat is scheduled for this autumn, and spots are limited to 15 people. If you’re interested in joining us, you can already get on the entrance list to secure your place. Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your wellness journey with us!

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