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"Panna" Cotta, Strawberry, Basil

"Panna" Cotta with Strawberry & Basil


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The Lemon Thyme Panna Cotta with Strawberry Basil Compote is an invigorating dessert that marries sweet and tangy flavors in perfect harmony. The star of the dish is the panna cotta, made vegan and richly creamy, infused with the citrusy zing of lemon and the aromatic whispers of thyme. Paired with this is a vibrant strawberry basil compote, its fruity sweetness laced with the unique note of basil for a refreshing twist. Together, these elements create a dessert that's not only indulgent but also beautifully balanced. Enjoy this as the perfect ending to a delicious meal or as a stand-alone treat!

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