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Lasagna with Aged Goat Cheese and Salad


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Savor the playful fusion of tradition and innovation with our Green and White Lasagna, featuring aged mountain goat cheese. Each layer is a testament to texture and flavor, with the pasta sheets delicately hugging the robust and rich cheese. The dish is further elevated with a vibrant crunchy spring salad on the side, which provides a fresh contrast to the warm, comforting lasagna. Completing the culinary experience is a drizzle of refreshing watermelon dressing, an unexpected but delightful pairing that will make your taste buds dance. This is comfort food reimagined.

Vegetarian Food Delivery Lisbon


Organic Food Delivery Lisbon

100% Organic

Vegetarian Food Delivery Lisbon

Organic Cheese/Dairy

Lisbon Food Delivery

Cane Sugar-Free

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