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Steamed Ginger Garlic Eggplant & Jasmine Rice

Steamed Ginger Garlic Eggplant & Jasmine Rice


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Savor the delicate intricacies of Asian cuisine with our Chinese Steamed Eggplant, perfectly enhanced by aromatic ginger and garlic. The tender eggplant slices absorb these flavors, making each bite a melt-in-your-mouth experience. Served atop fluffy Jasmine Rice, the dish's textures complement each other, creating a satisfying mouthfeel. This culinary masterpiece is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, promising not just a meal, but a memorable gastronomic journey.

Nutritional values per regular size serving:

Calories: 520kcal
Protein: 24g
Carbs: 45g

Vegan Restaurant


Organic Food Delivery Lisbon

100% Orgânico

Gluten Free Restaurant

Não contém gluten

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Steamed Ginger Garlic Eggplant & Jasmine Rice


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