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Tom Kha Pak with Shiitake & Black Rice

Tom Kha Pak with Shiitake & Black Rice


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Experience an exotic Asian delight with our Tom Kha Pak with Shiitake & Black Rice. This dish blends the richness of creamy coconut milk with the earthy, umami tones of shiitake mushrooms, delivering a soul-warming soup that truly satisfies. Brightened by classic Thai herbs and spices, the Tom Kha Pak's depth of flavor is beautifully complemented by the robust, nutty flavor of black rice. A meal that not only nourishes but also excites the palate with its vibrant flavors and textures. Enjoy this heartwarming, traditional dish, bringing the authentic taste of Thailand to your table.

Nutritional values per regular size serving:

Calories: 410kcal
Protein: 9g
Carbs: 46g

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